NASA Memory Foam - Myths and facts

You might wonder, what does a space station as reputed as NASA have to do with Memory Foam which is used in the mattresses! Well, it is a very interesting story. It is said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and this is what precisely gave birth to the memory foam.
In the 1960s, the NASA engineers were given the task of designing a customized seat for each astronaut. The seat was to be such that it would relieve pressure from the gravitational forces during takeoff and landing. The challenge was that the astronauts’ bodies underwent changes over time due to their specialized training and it wasn’t practical to design seat for each astronaut for each flight. This made the engineers think out of the box and they went on to invent a material that could adapt to any space-bound body and thus memory foam was invented.
Later it was tested and put to use in other conditions yielding good results. Thus, NASA foam was brought from space to home use.
However, there are a few myths and facts about the memory foam.
NASA foam is suitable only for use in space

It is a fact that although the memory foam was created for NASA, it was found to have potential benefits in the health sector. And so it was used for hospital beds, nowhere related to the space. Thus, the journey started and now it is extensively been used in the mattresses.

Memory foam has a peculiar odour which can be toxic

Any packaged new material when opened does have a peculiar smell, and so does the mattress. It is the result of rapid oxidation that happens when it is exposed to the environment. However, this smell goes away after a while. The manufacturing and consumer laws are very stringent in the UK, USA and Europe, where the memory foam is extensively used. Therefore, the existence of such issues can be safely ruled out.

NASA memory foam mattress is very expensive

‘Expensive’ is a very subjective term. There are many suppliers of mattresses in the market. You just need to do your homework right. Our mission at Dolfit, is to bring you the best quality mattress at the most affordable price. As we work on door-to-door supply basis, we cut down on a lot of overheads which we happily pass on to the consumer thus making the price reasonable without compromising on the quality of the mattress.

Memory foam mattress sags and develops cavities

This is a common myth about the memory foam mattress. It is partially true in case of a low-quality mattress. It is important to weigh the quality against the price before finalizing a mattress. A good-quality memory foam mattress will not develop and cavities or will not sag. There’s always a warranty period given by the company. So if the mattress goes bad before that, the company can always take care of it.

Memory foam mattress generates heat

It is a fact that the memory foam does generate heat as it is very sensitive to body temperature. That is why Dolfit Mattress comes with a NASA memory foam with a natural bio cooling technology. This unique concept makes the mattress highly suitable for any climate and body type.

Thicker the mattress, better is the comfort

This is a myth. In fact, if the thickness is more the mattress won’t be very comfortable. Memory foam works the best when it is used in combination of other layered materials.

Thanks to the era we are living in that we are flooded with information. Do your due-diligence before buying any mattress. It should aid your sleep and be your money’s worth.
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