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The right mattress works like a sweet lullaby: Tips to make a baby sleep better

Children grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s like one day they are learning to crawl and the next day they are making you run after them. But when does this rapid growth take place? Well as it has been suggested by many scientific studies, children grow in between those days, i.e., at night when they are deep in sleep. But what if your child is not getting the right quality of sleep that is essential for their healthy growth. When it comes to their children every parent wants to give their child the best, so why not the best mattresses? 

Dolfit understands your concerns and has brought out its special range of crib mattresses, which come in all sizes and as per the age requirements of your child. Giving your child sound sleep is one thing, and putting them to sleep is another. Dolfit has a solution for both these issues.

Firstly, let us talk about how you can make your child sleep. As per many doctors, a baby needs to sleep for about 12-16hrs in a day, while a toddler needs to sleep about 10-14 hrs, and an adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep. But are you or your child getting all these many hours of sleep? Arent, you awake all day in the office, working tirelessly, and even at night, you do not get enough sleep because your baby is unable to sleep properly. Dolfit wants to give relief to both you and your baby.

What comes to your mind when you want to make your baby do a certain task? make it fun and easy for them, right! While we consider all the other activities in this, we somewhere forget the act of sleeping. If your baby feels comfortable in their crib, you won’t even know and your baby will fall into the land of deep sleep the moment you put them in the crib. But what will make the crib so comfortable? Dolfit’s special crib mattress range is here to buy online.

Dolfit is one such brand that has cracked the code to hassle-free parenthood. By using Dolfit’s premium baby mattresses range, which is the best mattress range available to buy online, you can make bedtime your child’s favorite time of the day. No more sleepless and tiring nights for parents, who till now had to wake up in the middle of the night to soothe their crying baby. Now, with dolfit mattresses’ special crib mattress range, make sure you put your baby to sleep and see it smiling in the morning. 

What do crib mattresses do?

Dolfit’s exclusive range of baby crib mattresses comes with a special top layer of milanz fabric which is made by ultrasoft technology. The use of this fabric in the crib mattress makes it super comfortable and cloud-like for your baby. Your baby won’t even know when you kept it down in the crib to sleep, it gives such a soft hug-like feeling. Also, dolfit has made sure your concerns regarding proper hygiene are also taken into consideration. Therefore, the crib mattresses by dolfit other than being designed by using hypo-allergic & anti-microbial technology, come with an easily removable top cover that can be washed to make sure your child sleeps not only soundly but also wakes up healthier. 

What benefits will your child get by using Dolfit’s baby mattresses range?

  • A sound sleep all night.
  • Healthier and better growth 
  • Happier mood and higher energy levels in the daytime
  • Comfortable bedtime

What benefits will the parents get by using Dolfit’s crib mattresses range?

  • A full night’s sleep, no more waking up to soothe the crying baby
  • Happier and relaxed parenting experience
  • Satisfaction to see their baby growing healthy and happy
  • No worries about toxins in mattresses, as dolfit baby mattresses come with anti-microbial technology.

So bring hassle-free parenthood and a healthy childhood with Dolfit. You can buy mattresses online as well, and get comfort delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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