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A guide to choosing the best mattress

Sleeping is an activity that no creature can avoid for too long, and for humans, it is necessary to achieve it properly. But is it that easy to get a good night’s sleep? One major issue that arises when it comes to attaining sound sleep is the mattress that is used. Mattresses play a key role in deciding whether you will wake up fresh and relaxed or not. While the selection of a mattress is a completely subjective thing, there are a few set parameters that one must keep in consideration while buying the next best mattress. So here is a guide on “how to choose the best mattress for yourself.” 

  • Type of mattress – today, when you go to the market, you will find a wide variety of mattresses and all claiming to be the best, but are they? Mattress today comes in different types, such as PU foam mattresses (such as Carina by Dolfit), memory foam mattresses (Electra), latex mattresses(Elara), spring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, air beds, and even water beds. So which mattress suits your comfort the best is an important decision to make. 
  • The firmness of the mattress – mattresses come in different shapes and sizes, but very few people know that they come in different softness as well. The categorization of mattresses based on firmness is an ultra-soft mattress like Electra by Dolfit, soft mattress, medium-soft firm, medium-firm, and memory foam which have different layers of firmness.
  • Weight and size of the body – yes! A mattress also differs as per the individual’s body weight and age. For example, a child will need an extra soft mattress, a young person will probably need a medium-firm, and a senior citizen will need an orthopedic mattress. So choose accordingly.
  • Sleeping position – most of our body aches also come from the fact that we either sleep in the incorrect position or the mattress we sleep on isn’t the right one for that sleep position. Based on sleep position, the mattress’ firmness is determined; for example, for a back sleeper, a Medium Firm to Firm mattress with light to moderate contouring is the best mattress, while for a side sleeper Medium Soft to Medium Firm mattresses should be considered, and similarly for stomach sleepers Firm mattress work best. But what if you are a combination sleeper or your partner in bed sleeps in different positions? For them, Medium Firm is the right choice. For individuals with more than one sleeping position, Dolfit’s Carina is the best mattress, owing to its multi-layer design.
  • Comfort and body weight distribution – there are mattresses in the market that, despite being soft and bouncy, do not provide the right kind of comfort and body contouring to the sleeper. So this becomes another factor for the best mattress selection.
  • Body ailments – if you or any family member of yours is suffering from body aches, especially backaches, it might be the right time to choose a new mattress for them. And for that, there is a special category of mattresses,i.e, orthopedic mattresses. It provides the best body contouring and extra cushioning to your back.
  • Breathability and hygiene – there are many such cases where people face issues like heavy sweating at night or the suffocating temperature of the mattress. So a mattress must be purchased after knowing about the technology it uses to regulate body temperature so that you do not just wake up relaxed but also fresh. Along the same line, another issue is mattress hygiene, i.e., it must have such material that keeps the allergens such as dust mites away from the sleeping space. 

Now, while you are at it, we might as well make you aware of one such brand that is there to provide you with any kind of mattress that you wish or need. Dolfit is a mattress company that entirely focuses on delivering peaceful sleep to its consumers. Dolfit has a wide variety of mattresses (Carina, Electra or Elara), from foam to latex, from ultra-soft to firm, and from orthopedic mattresses to memory foam mattresses. At dolfit, newer technologies like natural coolants, multilayers, etc, are used to make the sleep experience better than before. dolfit is your one-stop solution for all kinds of best mattresses.

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