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Hypo-allergenic mattress – your portal to germ-free sleep

How many people can adjust to one bed? Your answers could be 1 to 3, what if we say, there are over 10,000 creatures sleeping on your bed, will you believe it? Probably not. But it is a proven scientific fact, that most of the dust mites reside and breed on human beds. But this does not mean you are not hygienic, rather the reason for this is deep within the layers of your mattress. Yes! As humans, we shed around a pound of skin every year and lose half a pint of moisture each night, and this makes your bed the best place to make a home for dust mites. Dust mites thrive on heat and moisture, and if they are getting food to eat, isn’t that just icing on the cake? Well, certainly for them, but not for you. 

What if we tell you dolfit.com has a solution, the hypo-allergenic mattress?

What is a Hypo-Allergenic Mattress?

A hypo-allergenic mattress is one that is built with such technology that it keeps the dust mites away from your body. A hypo-allergenic mattress comes with inherent ways that maintain the temperature of the bed, and regulate the body temperature so as to give less chance to dust mites to breed on it.

In the mattress market, there has been a misconception that just buying a protector for the mattress keeps the dust mites and other allergens away, but studies have shown even a protector cannot guarantee you 100% germ-free sleep (unless it’s the protectors by Dolfit), but a hypoallergenic mattress along with protector certainly adds an extra layer to your safe and sound sleep.

Why do you need a Hypo-Allergenic Mattress?

  1. Disturbed sleep – most of the time, when a person wakes up in the middle of the night feeling itchy, it doesn’t mean a lack of personal hygiene. Rather it could be dust mites and allergens attacking the human body, causing unrest.
  2. Skin ailments – one can acquire a long list of ailments and allergies if they come in prolonged contact with germs. 
  3. Major infections – especially when a person urges to scratch the itch caused by the dust mite, can lead to severe infections and injuries.
  4. Hyper-activation of old allergies – even those allergies that you may think you have recovered from can get activated by bites from these bed bugs and mites.
  5. Stress – knowing that your bed isn’t the cleanest place to spend hours in can be tolling on one’s mental peace.

What does a hypo-allergenic mattress do?

As discussed above, hypo-allergenic mattresses are made with such new-age methods that focus primarily on keeping any and all kinds of mites and germs. 

Hypo-allergenic mattresses are made with such a firm yet soft feel top cover that while it stops mites from penetrating into your mattress, it does not hamper the quality of sleep. 

Hypo-allergenic mattresses maintain the temperature of the bed and body of the sleeper in such synchronization that the sleeping space remains breathable and dry all through the night. So no matter whether you sleep for an hour or eight, hypo-allergenic technology will not let your body heat become a reason for the breeding of dust mites in your bed. 
Mattresses come in different types, and out of them, the memory foam mattress made with hypo-allergenic technology works best to prevent dust mites. one brand that specializes in designing the best memory foam mattresses, as well as the best orthopedic memory foam mattress, is Dofit. They offer specially designed hypo-allergenic mattresses like Carina, and Elara, which come with high GSM anti-allergic foam with natural coolant technology. Along with that, Dolfit has a wide range of other anti-allergic accessories, such as mattress covers and pillows. Even their baby mattress is made with hypo-allergenic mattresses. And with the kind of trust Dolfit establishes with its customers, you can even buy the best mattresses online from the comfort of your home.

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