An average person in his whole life spends about 26 yrs sleeping, and another 6-7 years trying to sleep. At Dolfit, we aim to save those 7 years of struggle and make those 26 years of sleep worthwhile.    

Getting quality sleep is as important for a healthy body as food and exercise. The most important factor for good sleep is the mattress that you sleep on. It’s a common understanding that even a quick nap can prove much refreshing if you have the right mattress and pillow.

Dolfit, a next-gen sleep solutions company, was born with a single aim to achieve invigorating sleep and healthier bodies for you. With this purpose as a driving force, a passionate and innovative group of people came together to offer the best quality sleeping solutions. Based out of Gurgaon, Haryana, Dolfit aims to redefine the notion of sleep and provide premium quality mattresses and other sleeping accessories. We design our products keeping in consideration the orthopedic needs of the human body and all this at the best competitive prices across the globe.

What makes Dolfit better than any other mattress brand is the quality of the self-manufactured basic foam and bio-oil cooling technology. Dolfit has analyzed various bodily issues that may arise because of unhealthy sleeping habits. This combination of NASA-approved Memory Foam and natural bio cooling technology makes Dolfit mattresses the best in the category. Dolfit also offers memory foam-enabled pillows and various other accessories like comforters assuring you the warmest and coziest of sleep.

Catering to the new generation of consumers and even newer modes of shopping in this era, Dolfit is a company that allows its consumers to buy premium mattresses online with an option of door-to-door hassle-free delivery of the various products to make sleep better for its buyers.

With this thought as a driving force, a passionate group of people from various backgrounds came together with one purpose – to offer the best quality sleeping solutions. This led to the formation of a new generation sleep solutions company, Dolfit. Based out of Gurgaon, Haryana, Dolfit aims at redefining the concept of sleep, and is committed to providing premium quality mattresses and other sleeping accessories at affordable prices across the globe.

When passion propels purpose, you can have nothing but the best. What makes Dolfit stand apart is the quality of basic foam which is self-manufactured and the bio-oil cooling technology which is directly sourced from the manufacturing company. This combination of high quality basic foam and the NASA approved Memory Foam powered by natural bio cooling technology makes its mattresses the best in the category. Dolfit also presents memory foam enabled pillows and various other accessories like comforters assuring you the highest quality of sleep.

Catering to the new generation consumer, Dolfit is set to become an only online company to provide door-to- door delivery for various products, making life easier for its buyers.


You will sleep like a baby!

Here are a few noticeable benefits of the unique combination of orthopedically made Memory Foam with the Bio-Oil Cooling technology-defined mattresses.

Keeps you cool

Thermoregulation is a scientific process that controls the temperature of the human body. The human body produces heat, causing the mattress to get heated where you sleep, thus causing excessive sweating. This can hinder your flow of sleep. To help you get rid of this issue, Our Bio-Oil Cooling technology helps the mattress to throw out the excess temperature and keeps the mattress cool throughout your sleep. With Dolfit, you can experience a cool, comfortable, and uninterrupted sleep.

Comfort at its best

Dolfit’s premium mattress range comes with soft memory foam, crafted to offer its users a body-hugging comfort as it adjusts to your body curves and sleep positions. We believe after a tiring day everyone deserves a cozy sleep that makes one feel well-rested. Therefore, we bring our wide range of sleep supplements, which will enhance your sleeping cycles and you will wake up all energized and refreshed.

Supports your body

Today there are many such adults who have developed chronic back or joint ailments due to using the wrong mattresses and pillows. But why should an activity such as sleep that gives you relief should take a toll on your wellbeing? Dolfit has designed and innovated such an exceptional solution to answer this question. Our premium orthopedic mattress range is here that will support your spine irrespective of your sleeping position and will ease all the neck and back pains, aiding a sound sleep.

It does not sag or sink

We made Dolfit premium mattresses out of the latest generation memory foam using high-grade adaptive material, which is durable enough to use for many years without the fear of sagging or sinking. We craft it in such a way that despite being made with a firm base, its softness will make you feel you have landed on clouds.