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Some things that you should know about dolfit


Can I roll my mattress over?

No, the mattress cannot be rolled back once its been uncompressed.


What’s the total time taken for the mattress to expand/uncompress?

Once you’re done unpacking, 80-90% of your mattress would take its shape and can be used right away if you want. However, if you want to use at its 100%, wait an additional 24-48 hours for the mattress to fully expand. 


Can my mattress be customized according to my requirements?

If you want to customize you mattress for size dimensions and layers, we can certainly help  you with it. For that, simply write to us on info@dolfit.com or call us on +91 93112 24095

Customisation is not available on accessories.


Will I get a mattress protector with the mattress?

Sorry, we do not offer mattress protector with the mattress, however, you can purchase one here.


 Is the baby mattress waterproof?

Yes, it is! You can learn more about how our Baby Mattress is the perfect choice for your little one here


What is the life span of a Dolfit mattress?

All of our mattresses come with a minimum of 10-year warranty. That said, the duration of their lifespan depends on how well you maintain your mattress. We suggest changing your mattress every 10 years for hygiene issues.


Can you expedited my order?

We try our best to deliver within 7-10 working days, ensuring your order reaches you as fast as it can. However, if you need additional expedition, we need to be informed of that prior and it will largely depend upon the location and the product in question.