A perfect blend of comfort and luxury!

Dolfit Luxury Mattress is here to give you an incredibly rich sleeping experience. Dolfit Luxury Mattress eases your chronic aches and comforts you. We have brought to you a mattress that not only feels good but also makes your bedroom look splendid.

  • It is ultra-breathable and injected with high density PU foam, which keeps you cool over the course of the night while giving additional cushion to the lower back.
  • A lavish layer of organic cotton at the top and an anti-skid layer at the bottom make sure they enhance your sleeping experience multifold.
  • It has a naturally breathable, anti-allergic Organic cotton fabric that promotes cooler and healthier sleep.


India’s limited edition of Dolfit Elara Luxury Mattresses consists of three layers, namely Latex Foam on Top, Hyperflex Medium Firm foam in the Middle, and Hyper-Elastic foam at the Base.

Our breathable eco-friendly Latex foam keeps air flowing through the mattress smoothly, helps you stay cool all night with temperature-regulated open-cell foam and keeps you protected from disturbing midnight sweat.

Latex is a natural product from rubber trees. Its natural, organic, VOC-free and anti-allergic nature enhances a soft and breathable sleep surface.

Dolfit Elara’s high density elongated hyper flex-foam gives a foundation base to the mattress giving it resilience and durability.

Impeccably designed for exceptional comfort, Dolfit Elara Luxury Mattress uses Dual Core technology, that ensures individual comfort for couples with different preferences.

Elara Edition

Layer 1: 100% Organic Cotton
Layer 2: Breathable Inner Cover
Layer 3: 100% Pure Latex Foam
Layer 4: Hyperflex Soft Foam
Layer 5: Hyperelastic Hard Foam
Layer 6: Breathable Inner Cover
Layer 7: Anti Skid Base



  1. Latex foam in the Dolfit Elara Mattress is pure and 100% natural foam derives from rubber trees & free from all chemicals. It helps to keep your body cooler as you sleep because it does not hold heat. Breathability is better in latex foam
  2. A generous layer of Hyperflex Medium Firm foam provides Orthopedic (Spine care) comfort
  3. Hyper-Elastic foam for great pressure-relieving capacity with a luxurious feel and enabling you to fully relax. This provides excellent support for body posture.



100% Virgin open-cell PU foam, Natural latex foam, Zero partner disturbance technology, Perfect combination of comfort & therapeutic support, High GSM organic cover, Delivered for bed-in-bag technology