Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate

Have you ever experienced a night’s sleep that is often disrupted because of heavy sweating? Dolfit noted this problem and developed a mattress that not only absorbs the excess heat released by your body but also it makes sure you wake up all fresh and relaxed.

  • Dolfit’s Electra model premium quality mattresses hold a unique combination of three layers; Memory Foam on Top, Hyper Flex-Foam Layer in the Middle, and Hyper-Elastic Base Layer.
  • Electra Mattress are best suitable for any weather condition, and for any kind of sleeper. Whether you want to sleep 8-9 hrs straight or just a quick nap. Dolfit premium mattress makes sure you have the best sleeping experience.
  •  We have designed dolfit premium mattresses after conducting several ergonomic tests to fit the various needs of its consumers. 
  • This model of mattresses provides full-body support wiping out your back or neck aches.


The hyperelastic foam of the Dolfit Electra Mattress provides the required pressure points to keep your spine aligned and support all the sleeping positions. The nature of hyper-elastic aids in pain-free sleep as it has dedicated lumbar zone support to promote healthy spinal alignment. You get a zero disturbance sleep as it is also movement isolated.

Dolfit Electra mattress has a High GSM Viscous Fabric and an anti-skid base. Our foams are chemical-free, so no chance of getting any respiratory issues.

Electra Edition

Layer 1: High GSM Viscous Fabric
Layer 2: Breathable Inner Cover
Layer 3: Green Memory Foam
Layer 4: Hyperflex Soft Foam
Layer 5: Hyperelastic Hard Foam
Layer 6: Breathable Inner Cover
Layer 7: Anti Skid Base



  1. A responsive Cool Memory Foam Mattress coupled with natural cooling & heat dissipation technology without the addition of cooling gel & cooling beds. It keeps you cool throughout the night and makes you wake up completely relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.
  2. Open-cell Hyper-Elastic foam for great pressure-relieving capacity, improving blood circulation to muscles and skin and enabling you to fully relax.
  3. A generous layer of Hyperflex Medium Firm foam provides Orthopedic (Spine care) comfort


100% Virgin open-cell PU foam, Renewable Bio-content, Zero partner disturbance technology, High GSM anti-allergic viscous fabric, Delivered for bed-in-bag technology