Shredded Pillow


Firm and softy!

We understand the pain of a stiff and sore neck in the morning. Dolfit has created this premium range of shredded neck pillows with a soft top cover. Dolfit’s Shredded range of pillows is comfortably shaped to provide you the best relaxation and leave you with an active body after sleep to enjoy your day.


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Far ahead in comfortability & softness, you can practically adopt this pillow as your baby. It can be customized in size according to the comfort level because fillings can be removed from the pillow as per your comfort level.


With space-inspired temperature regulation and adjustable height and firmness, expect sleep that’s out of this world. The Dolfit Shredded Pillows comprise breathable hybrid nano-cubes & cool fiber for heat dissipation. 


  • Adjustment of height
  • Breathable with cool nanocubes
  • Heat dissipates fibre, allows air to keep you cool